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Obsessed with linear art, artists use sewing thread to “net” portraits

Slovenian artist Sasso Krainz uses a circular frame similar to an embroidered bandage to create a detailed portrait composed entirely of straight lines with just one ordinary sewing thread.

If you look closely, the facial features, including the curves of eyes and lips, are all made up of straight lines with varying degrees of overlap. According to a report by the American Strange News website, Krainz first used wood or aluminum to make a circular frame covered with metal nails, and then wrapped these nails with a long black sewing thread, creating hundreds or even thousands of them. Straight lines, through the intersection and overlap of straight lines, outline the main characteristics of the characters in the work. In some parts of the portrait, the more sewing threads overlap, the heavier the black, allowing Krainz to control the shadows and details of the work.

Krainz worked as a graphic designer, software and web developer for many years, obsessed with linear art. His linear portraits include both stars and political figures, which are highly recognizable. The well-known online gallery “Saatchi Art” wrote in his introduction: “He was inspired and challenged by linear art, and strives to create beautiful works from every angle. His goal is to create an image that transcends the appearance.” Qiao Ying) [Xinhua News Agency Wei Feature]

Post time: Nov-13-2020