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microfiber towel

Nowadays, ultra-fine fiber towels are very popular, so what are the classifications? Let me give you a detailed explanation below!

1、 Beauty napkins


Beauty towels are made of ultra-fine fibers that are 200 times thinner than hair. Generally, towels can only dry off moisture and cannot be used for beauty. And this kind of towel can penetrate deep into the pores through its adsorption power, wash away the dirt and aged keratin on the skin surface. Combined with simple skincare liquid care, the skin will become white, smooth, delicate, and feel refreshing and comfortable. For young men and women with acne during adolescence, it can help to deeply clean the excess oil secreted in the pores, avoiding skin redness and swelling caused by infection with bacteria!

2、 Bathing sports towel


Ultra fine fiber bath sports towels can penetrate deeper into pores and thoroughly remove dirt than regular towels. Its surface is soft and dense in the form of fluff, with good water absorption and antibacterial properties. When used in sports, it can immediately absorb sweat, and its soft texture will make you feel more comfortable; When used for bathing, its strong adsorption can effectively remove dirt and dead skin cells on the skin surface, making it an essential and comfortable product for a healthy and comfortable life.

3、 Quick drying hair wrapping cap


Dry hair towels are made of 100% ultra-fine fibers, which are mildew resistant, antibacterial, soft, and delicate. The surface is a dense fluff shape, with super water absorption that ordinary towels do not have. When used, it will not cause any damage to the hair. Because it is in the shape of a long hat, it is more suitable for women with long hair. After bathing or shampooing, wrap the long hair in the hair wrapping hat, roll it into a Fried Dough Twists braid and buckle it behind the head according to the instructions, which can dry hair quickly without delaying makeup, watching TV or doing housework. Showcasing nobility, elegance, and generosity.

4、 Use more cleaning wipes


Based on its strong water absorption, strong adsorption, strong stain removal, non hair removal, and easy cleaning characteristics, whether it is high-end furniture, glassware, window mirrors, cabinets, sanitary ware, ceramic tile floors, wooden floors, even leather sofas, leather clothes, leather shoes, and so on, this high-efficiency cleaning towel can be used to wipe and clean, clean, refreshing, without leaving any water marks, and without the need for any detergent. It is easy to use, not only greatly reducing the labor intensity of home cleaning, but also greatly improving labor efficiency.

5、 Use more small handkerchiefs


1. When used to wash dishes, the remaining yellow dirt on the dishes can be cleaned thoroughly, especially when wiping cookware, rice cookers, lids, refrigerators, etc., which is not possible with ordinary cloths: it is very easy to clean. After use, it can be washed clean in time with dishwashing detergent or soap, without mold, odor, or bacterial growth.


2. When washing children’s faces, soap and facial cleanser are not needed to avoid eye irritation caused by detergents and to avoid damage to children’s skin due to incomplete cleaning by detergents.


3. Used as a handkerchief in summer, it has strong water absorption and can quickly absorb sweat, making it easy to clean. As it does not contain plant protein, it does not breed bacteria, especially for women who have applied makeup, as it does not affect their appearance.


4. Used for polishing leather shoes, it can easily remove various dust and dirt, even if it is not convenient to apply shoe polish at that time, the surface of the leather shoes will still shine.


A versatile ultra-fine fiber towel that is convenient for everyone’s daily life.

Post time: Feb-05-2024