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Sewing thread you don’t know

For a period of time, domestic clothing companies have encountered various “quality doors” when exporting to Europe, and even some children’s clothing products have encountered huge claims due to substandard sewing threads. Although sewing thread accounts for a small proportion of clothing, the quality of sewing thread has a great impact on the quality of clothing, and the international clothing industry has increasingly higher requirements for sewing thread, but there are still many companies that do not Too much understanding of the value that sewing thread can create. For this reason, a reporter from the “Clothing Times” interviewed Mr. Xin Zhenhai, general manager of the Vertex Thread Industry.

Sewing thread is small see big

“For a long time, many European countries have imposed strict restrictions on the quality of garments exported from China, and many domestic enterprises’ products have been returned, causing great economic losses to the enterprises.” Xin Zhenhai said, “For example, there were Domestic children’s clothing export companies are returned by European buyers because of product quality problems. No one would have thought of the reason for the return. It was just that the physical and chemical indicators of the sewing thread did not meet the standard. The gray sewing thread was found to contain 69.9 mg /kg of 4-aminoazobenzene, the company went bankrupt due to huge claims.”

Many people wonder, is there really such a close relationship between sewing thread and clothing quality? Ye Guocheng explained: “In fact, the physical and chemical indicators are not up to standard, this is only one of the reasons. Another example, in the production process of children’s clothing The sewing thread used has stricter requirements in terms of online flexibility. Everyone knows that whether it is a children’s clothing production line or an adult clothing production line, they are all mechanized production and processing, and they are all assembly line production operations, but if they are on the production line The quality of sewing thread used in the medium is not only affecting the basic durability of children’s clothing, but more importantly, it will cause sewing machine needle breakage on the production line. This problem is not understood by many people, even in many industries. People did not pay more attention to this problem.”

According to Xin Zhenhai, the high-quality sewing thread used in garment production not only needs to be strong and durable, but also the surface of the sewing thread should be smooth, free of defects and no joints. When such sewing thread is used on an industrial sewing machine, It will not jam the needle of the sewing machine and cause the needle to break. On the contrary, poor quality sewing threads often have burrs and joints, and the needles are broken when they are not known. If these broken needles are not found in time, they may be attached to the clothes. This is for children’s clothing. It’s a very dangerous thing for those who wear it.

“For example, if the quality inspector finds an incomplete broken needle during the production process, he must find the other broken needles to prove that there are no leftovers on the clothes, so that this batch of clothes Offline. Otherwise, even if a small truncated needle is not found or remains on the clothes, it may have unexpected consequences. More seriously, if a similar situation is found by the quality inspection of the export destination, then Returning goods or punitive fines to the company will cause serious economic losses to the company.” Xin Zhenhai said, “The sewing thread is small, but it is a major event related to a piece of clothing and even an enterprise. Chinese people often say, The embankment was destroyed in an ant nest’, in fact, this is the truth.”

Relevant departments have also reminded foreign trade units and export garment manufacturers that for garments exported to the European Union, not only should the fabrics be free of prohibited azo dyes and other banned ingredients, but also strengthen the prohibition on sewing thread, embroidery thread, lace and other accessories. The control of nitrogen dyes should not be ignored due to the small proportion of auxiliary materials used in clothing.

Function and fashion simultaneously

“In fact, not only children’s clothing, but many garments now have higher requirements for sewing threads, such as down jackets and the popular outdoor clothing.” Xin Zhenhai said, “For down jackets, one of the big technical problems is how to Avoid “run velvet” at the position of the pinhole. In order to avoid this problem, we have implemented many technical improvements, such as the use of special processes in the production of sewing threads, so that the sewing threads can achieve higher elasticity And expandability, so that after sewing down jackets with this kind of sewing thread, it can play a swelling effect, which can block the pinholes and achieve the effect of not drilling down. In addition to these, the surface of the sewing thread is added with a wax coating Craftsmanship, this can also avoid the phenomenon of “run velvet” to a large extent. In addition, in the sewing of some special fabrics, such as outdoor clothing, denim fabrics, etc., the strength of the sewing thread is also emphasized.”

It is understood that in outdoor mountaineering or sailing clothing, sewing threads must have high wear resistance and anti-aging properties; in terms of car seats, in addition to important connection functions, high temperature and UV resistance are also required. In some industrial textiles Above, the quality of sewing thread is even directly related to the life safety of users. 

For most ordinary clothing, with the development of the fashion industry, clothing has combined fashion and function, and seam stitches have a great influence on both. In the past, sewing thread as a material for connecting fabrics mainly played a decorative and connecting role, but now sewing threads also have a functional role. “For example, under normal circumstances, sewing threads need to have tear resistance, good ductility, elasticity, and softness. For special functional clothing, it is also required to have waterproof, fireproof, anti-static, anti-wrinkle, Anti-aging and other requirements can be achieved through special finishing.” Xin Zhenhai said.

“In addition to these conventional functions, the sewing thread has an additional function: decorative functions, such as being used directly on upholstery fabrics, or directly in the fabric production process, become an important part of characteristic fabrics.” Xin Zhenhai said, “has started. Some avant-garde fabric designers and fabric brands have begun to weave colorful sewing threads directly into their own fabrics for design and production. This processing technology is currently only used in relatively high-end fabric products. “

It is precisely because of the advantages of the Veilline Industry in many aspects that more and more companies and brands have chosen to maintain long-term cooperative relations with Huamei (the leading brands of business suits Youngor, Smith Barney, Yaya, etc.). These brands , Not only has very high requirements for product quality, but also requires a high degree of coordination between the sewing thread and the fashion trend of the clothing itself. In this sense, sewing thread is no longer a behind-the-scenes hero, but should also be a fashion practitioner and promoter.

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